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19th May 2014


Anonymous said: He doesn't care about me, he just uses me. Yet, I find some way to justify it.

To get things clearly with someone you must speak truthfully if he/ she is no good for you be a better person and let them go. There are to many people who will gladly love you through the good and bad. You are beautiful and unique please embrace it

19th May 2014


Anonymous said: I drink to escape the pain. I drink until I can't feel anything. For just a moment, I can feel relief from the constant pain.

Drinking will not make things go away completely the only way to get past things is by talking to someone about it. Yes alcohol is a way to escape reality but you will never be truly happy. If you want to talk about it with me I am here to listen please message me personally.

19th May 2014


Anonymous said: We broke up two years ago and I'm still not over you. I still love you. I always will.

I can honestly say I have been in the same boat as you, me and my ex boyfriend broke up freshman year and till this moment I can honestly say I still have feelings for him. You will eventually be okay with out him/her. There will be another person who will love you 100% for who you are and make you realize why it never worked with them. Be patient good things come to those who wait❤️

13th November 2013

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21st October 2013

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I hope everyone had a great Monday.

Mondays can be terrible, I know. But just becuse you have another 4 more days of school, work, etc, doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of your day. A day is a special thing and make sure not to waste yours. A day with a smile is not a day wasted.
xoxo, Kellyn

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16th September 2013

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Click for relatable gifs & quotes.

Click for relatable gifs & quotes.

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16th September 2013

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!

Make someone’s day today

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13th September 2013


Anonymous said: This is the anon who talked about her mom. I don't think she knows about my cutting. I mean...I've subtly told her about it, but she kind of shrugs it off or ignores it, or she just doesn't want to accept it. I have tried to talk to her about it before but she usually just kind of ignores it so I've stopped trying to tell her.

find another adult you trust and tell them everything . if your mom wont listen to you, then i think they’ll listen to someone else their age.
sometimes its hard for parents to believe that their own child is hurting so much that they have to use/self harm. they push it away but, as we all know, pushing away a problem hasnt, doesnt, and never will work.
best wishes! xoxo

8th September 2013


Anonymous said: I love my mom and I would probably die without her, but she's my biggest trigger and the reason I started cutting.

have you tried talking to her about it? has she noticed your problem?

8th September 2013

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tonight, let something go.
let it free. loosen the noose around your neck.
tonight, you deserve to breathe.

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6th September 2013


Anonymous said: I didnt know you ment this much to me until you left. Now i feel like i need you just to get through the day. I dont know if this means im in love with you or the thought of you. Mainly i think im scared to fall in love with you because i dont know if im capable of taking that big of a risk. I cant decide if this distance is clouding my judgment or making me see clearly. At this moment all i know is, my heart would do anything to be able to call you mine and have you here with me. I love you.

1st September 2013

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Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you.
— Osho (via perfect)

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1st September 2013

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I think what Elephant 6 meant for us is very simple: there’s something pure and infinite in you, that wants to come out of you, and can come out of no other person on the planet. That’s what you’ve got to share, and that’s as real and important as the fact that you’re alive. We were able, at a really young age, to somehow protect each other so we could feel that. The world at large, careerism, money, magazines, your parents, the people at the rock club in your town, other kids, nothing is going to give you that message, necessarily. In fact, most things are going to lead you away from it, sadly, because humanity is really confused at the moment. But you wouldn’t exist if the universe didn’t need you. And any time I encounter something beautiful that came out of a human somewhere, that’s them, that’s their own soul. That’s just pure, whatever its physicality is, if the person can play piano, if they can’t play piano, if they’re tone deaf, whatever it is, if it’s pure, it hits you like a sledgehammer. It fills your own soul, it makes you want to cry, it makes you glad you’re alive, it lets you come out of you. And that’s what we need: we desperately need you.
— Julian Koster’s “message for young musicians and artists who are trying to find their way” | In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Kim Cooper (via elephant6collective)

i really needed this…hope yall do too

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28th August 2013

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Help someone today.

22nd August 2013


Anonymous said: I'm the anon who's dating my cousin thank you so much for that. It really means a lot for someone to say that others think its weird and it makes me sad to see what they say but your the only one who said love is love! Thank you so much for that! :)

youre very welcome! :)